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Invasion: Neo Earth release reveal – 28th January 2022

Good news for fans of alien-busting retro turn-based strategy..
The date is set- Invasion: Neo Earth is coming to Steam on January 28th 2022!

INE release poster

Inspired by strategy titles such as X-Com and Advance Wars, Invasion: Neo Earth is all about battling the B-Movie alien armies of the sinister Sectyd race, to a soundtrack of Synthwave and Metal.

With a demo already up on Steam as well as Itch, now is a great time to try your hand at commanding Earth’s brave defenders against the alien hordes!

INE stea vid cover

Invasion: Neo Earth also has a soundtrack perfect for fans of big guitar riffs and retro synths, with new music recently added in the latest update..check out the new boss theme music –

Don’t forget you can also follow the developer iao_dev on Twitter.

gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth

Invasion: Neo Earth coming to Steam in Winter of 2021

Good news for fans of alien-busting turn-based strategy games – Invasion: Neo Earth is coming to the Steam platform for PC this Winter.

Though you can now wishlist Invasion:Neo Earth on Steam, that’s not the end of the story! There are big plans for plenty of tasty future content updates throughout the life of the game – goodies such as new maps, new units, new enemies, seasonal themed updates and maybe even an extended soundtrack.

For those who’d like to try the game first, a browser-playable demo is still up on and Gamejolt and you can keep up with development on twitter by following iao_dev