Invasion: Neo Earth

Invasion: Neo Earth is all about retro turn-based strategic action, battling sinister alien invaders to a soundtrack of Synthwave and Metal.

A freak meteorite shower brings unwelcome visitors to the human colony planet NG-246, known as ‘Neo Earth’. Take command of planetary defence forces to deploy soldiers, grav tanks, robots and jets on battlefields across a retro sci-fi style world. Customize the weaponry of every unit in your army with an array of explosive hi-tech guns. Choose your battles to direct your campaign against the insidious, alien Sectyds.

Key Features:

  • Turn-based strategic action, reminiscent of the 90’s
  • Bombastic Synthwave and Heavy Metal soundtrack
  • Extensive campaign with alternate mission choices
  • Customize every single unit’s loadout, choosing from a varied, futuristic arsenal
Invasion: Neo Earth