Three new enemies, environment art and bugfixes for Invasion: Neo Earth 1.4.0


Greetings Neo Earthers! I’m happy to announce that this Summer’s first update is a fruitful one, in 1.4.0 you will find three new enemy types, new environment art and a truckload of bugfixes.

Invasion: Neo Earth is a retro turn-based strategy game currently in early access on Steam, and if you are reading this prior to July 7th, both the game and the OST are currently 25% off in the Steam Summer Sale 2022!

New enemy types:

Grayling Sniper – Not content to pester us with their bullet-shielded infantry and floating gun platforms, the Graylings have deployed sniper weaponry to target us from afar.

Red Heavy – The twisted mutant hybrid monstrosities know as ‘Reds’ have evolved a new form armed with heavy weaponry, grafting metal and flesh together to create a living weapon that is a thorn in the side of our ground units.

Flak Spider – Slow moving but heavily armed anti-aircraft gun platforms that should make any commander think twice about relying too much on air power alone to win the day.

red heavy sc

Environment art:

  • New style trees and tile seam fixes applied to mountain levels
  • Comms Base human structure added
  • Supply Base human structure added
1 4 sc


  • Fixed scaling error with ‘Red’ sprite
  • Fixed some enemies doing incorrect damage scores vs. human structures
  • Fixed false defeat condition sometimes triggered by accumulating losses between missions
  • Fixed phase not cycling on second mission played after quitting previous mission
  • Fixed tooltip backgrounds remaining on start of enemy turn

Don’t forget you can follow development progress on twitter- iao_dev