Update 1.3.0 for Invasion: Neo Earth is live on Steam

I’m happy to reveal the latest regular update for retro-styled sci-fi strategy game Invasion: Neo Earth. Version 1.3.0 is all about quality of life improvements, plus some gameplay and sound tweaks.

Changes with 1.3.0-

  • When Officer unit selected, hovering the cursor over an enemy with tooltips enabled displays that enemy’s weakness to damage types.
  • Added ‘not all units moved’ prompt when changing from movement to shooting phase
  • Added ability to disable above prompts in options menu (at both start menu and in-game)
  • Changed the style of moved and fought markers to be less visually intrusive
  • Added text to damage type icons in UI to help players become familiar with the damage types
  • In the select units menu, the formation position shift markers are now clickable in addition to using the cycle forward button
  • Scrolling camera now pauses when pause menu opened
  • Added audio cues for changing phase/turn
  • Added new alien death sounds
  • Adjusted the default volume balance of music and SFX in favor of BGM being slightly less dominant than SFX

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