Update 1.5.0 – shadows and cash for Invasion: Neo Earth

Greetings Neo Earthers!
This month’s update brings visual and in-game currency improvements and a couple of minor fixes thrown in for good measure. Head over to the Invasion: Neo Earth Steam page to check out the newest features in both the demo and early access versions. The full game is set to be leaving early access after a couple more updates by the end of September/start of October 2022.

1.5.0 changelog

– Shadow sprites added for all units and enemies

– In game currency bonus pickups that can be collected on maps by moving a unit on to them, there are two types:

– blue type (+150 RP bonus)
– purple type (+300 RP bonus)

The RP picked up go straight into the ‘free cash’ reserve and can be used to buy units for the next battle.

Minor fixes:

– pause added to defeat condition triggered by base destruction to allow animation to play out before menu pops up.

– Warrior Robot range bug fixed