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Original Soundtrack for Invasion: Neo Earth now released!

I’m happy to announce that the Invasion: Neo Earth Original Soundtrack is now available to download on Steam – a recommended listen for any fan of Synthwave or Metal music!

OST sc

For those who prefer Bandcamp for their music, the OST is available from either Three Rooks Records or direct from the artist.

All downloads will have the option of High Quality lossless FLAC files as well as standard 320 MP3.

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Invasion: Neo Earth is a turn-based strategy game of stalwart human defenders and insidious alien hordes, set in a darkly retro sci-fi universe. Currently in early access on Steam with regular updates and feature upgrades.

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Update 1.2.0 for Invasion: Neo Earth is now live!

I’m proud to announce a major update for Invasion: Neo Earth is now live on Steam. This is the first of a string of updates planned for the game’s early access period and lays the foundation for greater changes and more content in future!

Here’s what you’ll find different in version 1.2.0 –

A New World Setting

Far, far away from the familiarity of our own green-blue world, Invasion: Neo Earth now takes place on the terraformed planet designated NG-246, a second home for humanity set among the stars of a troubled universe.

This new setting provides huge new creative possibilities for future incarnations of the game and anchors it in a greater dark sci-fi universe-building project.

geoscape 2

A New UI

I wanted to create a UI that better visually represents the darker, grimier new sci-fi setting, one where people are forced to have faith in archaic, oil-clogged machinery and battered computer consoles made of scavenged technology.

Along with the new look, you may notice the space for new units to be added later in the unit selection menu.

new UI sc

Bugfixes / Minor changes

  • Fix for the Pause Menu / Shooting Phase bug
  • Cooldown timer added to click button for changing turn/phase, allows player to cancel changing turn if clicked by accident.

Don’t forget you can follow development progress on Twitter via iao_dev .

event Invasion: Neo Earth news release Steam

Out now on Steam early access – Invasion: Neo Earth!

Good news for fans of retro turn-based strategic action –
Invasion: Neo Earth is releasing in Early Access on Steam today!

All about battling an alien invasion to a soundtrack of Synthwave and Metal, this game takes it’s lead from classics such as Advance Wars and X-com.
Choose your units, customize their weaponry and wage war on insidious aliens, with multiple missions choices at most stages of the campaign.

Why Early Access?
This being the first full-length project of a new development venture, I believe it’s doubly important to hear everyone’s feedback in this final stage of crafting the game into the best it can be, whilst being honest about what is on offer to players.

Finding out what works and what doesn’t is essential to this, so I invite everyone to invest in the early access or even just try the demo and leave your suggestions in steam discussions or via twitter at @iao_dev

Happy alien hunting!

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Top Steam games to try this month – Invasion: Neo Earth makes the list

Good news for those hunting for fresh Steam games to try out this January – has compiled a list of some of the best you could hope to discover. I’m chuffed to say that Invasion: Neo Earth is flying the flag for strategy here, though you’ll find puzzle, action, VR and more in these top picks. They all have downloads too ..

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Invasion: Neo Earth 0.5.1 update + Steam release

Greetings turn-based strategy fanatics!

Retro-styled alien busting strategy game Invasion: Neo Earth just got a new update with version 0.5.1

These improvements have been added to the demo which you can now try out on SteamItch and Gamejolt ahead of the full version launch on January 28th via Steam.

Sniper action screenshot of Invasion: Neo Earth

Version 0.5.1 includes:

– Improved FX animations

– Additional soundtrack pieces added (battle theme ‘Filament’ and boss theme ‘Red Machine’)

– Re-vamped save system and autosaving of options choices (full game-only)

– Minor bugfixes and running improvements

INE release poster

Don’t forget you can follow the developer on Twitter at @iao_dev

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Invasion: Neo Earth release reveal – 28th January 2022

Good news for fans of alien-busting retro turn-based strategy..
The date is set- Invasion: Neo Earth is coming to Steam on January 28th 2022!

INE release poster

Inspired by strategy titles such as X-Com and Advance Wars, Invasion: Neo Earth is all about battling the B-Movie alien armies of the sinister Sectyd race, to a soundtrack of Synthwave and Metal.

With a demo already up on Steam as well as Itch, now is a great time to try your hand at commanding Earth’s brave defenders against the alien hordes!

INE stea vid cover

Invasion: Neo Earth also has a soundtrack perfect for fans of big guitar riffs and retro synths, with new music recently added in the latest update..check out the new boss theme music –

Don’t forget you can also follow the developer iao_dev on Twitter.

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Invading Steam Next Fest 2021

steamnextfest INE1 loc copy

I am excited to reveal that Invasion: Neo Earth is part of Steam Next Fest – a celebration of upcoming games running from October 1-7, and a great time to discover cool new games and try out a bunch of demos – including our very own.

INE stea vid cover