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Invasion: Neo Earth Leaves Early Access with 1.7.0

Greetings Neo Earthers!

I’m happy to announce that with version 1.7.0 Invasion: Neo Earth is leaving early access behind and is of now a full release.

This being the first video game I have ever created it is somewhat a milestone, but at the same time it’s only really a starting point – I fully intend to bring further content your way for this game as well as developing future new titles and I will do my best to patch any new bugs that may emerge, The early access stage has truly been a massive learning curve and I am grateful for the support and patience of everyone who’s ever filed a bug report or feature suggestion that has helped me improve what I do.

1.7 Changelog

  • New music track ‘Ambient Intrusion’ added, also added to soundtrack DLC and available free for anyone who’s already purchased it simply by re-downloading
  • Forcefield mechanic added to enemy bases in some missions – hunt down the power generator structures to bring them down.
  • Mission 2 objectives changed to include protecting Cathedral structure

  • Minor fixes for melee’ type enemies attacking buildings and tooltips when hovering over buildings
  • Fix to enemy base damage mechanics


gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth news Steam update

Update 1.6.0 for Invasion: Neo Earth – new combat mechanics

Greetings Neo Earthers!

September’s update 1.6.0 brings forth some big changes in combat mechanics and balancing plus forcefield animations and a whole host of fixes and is live now on Steam. This could well be one of the last updates before leaving early access on October 7th, however even after full release I will still be addressing any bugs that emerge, with planned new content for things like mission packs and new units also on the cards.

ff sc

Combat mechanics changes – introducing the ‘PWR’ stat

Previously the combat system would use the weapon’s dmg lo stat to try beat the target’s defense, now a dedicated ‘PWR’ stat is used instead. The PWR stat determines whether a weapon will do only it’s minimum damage to a target or do random damage between the low and high range.

PWR => DEF = random damaged done (dmg lo – dmg hi).

if PWR is equal or higher than the target’s DEF then random damage between the lo and hi ranges is
deducted from target’s HP.

PWR < DEF = damage done (dmg lo only).

if PWR is less than the target’s DEf then only the low damage is done.

Cover bonus system for infantry units:

Due to being able to conceal themselves easier than vehicles, Infantry-type units now get a +2 DEF bonus for moving to a square with terrain that provides cover such as forests, hills, fields of cacti, craters etc. Doing so displays a shield icon above the unit sprite and in the UI bar. Naturally enemies can now do the same.


  • Experimental fix for the phase/turn bar and phase cooldown icon appearing too far down the screen on some monitors
  • Fix for shadows not appearing on newly risen soldier zombies
  • Improved the phase cooldown icon


Added forcefield animations for when an enemy is hit by an attack that it is resistant against



  • Alien egg DEF lowered to 3
  • Cyber Wasp and Fire Wasp DEF lowered to 12
  • removed some enemies from Desert and Floodplain maps to prevent overcrowding

Weapon range adjustments:

  • plasma rail cannon range 3>5
  • shredder cannon range 5>3
  • scatter lance range 4>3
  • heavy beamer range 4>3
  • gatling cycler range 3>4
  • all heavy aircraft weapons set to range 4

INE stea vid cover
gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth news Steam update

Update 1.5.0 – shadows and cash for Invasion: Neo Earth

Greetings Neo Earthers!
This month’s update brings visual and in-game currency improvements and a couple of minor fixes thrown in for good measure. Head over to the Invasion: Neo Earth Steam page to check out the newest features in both the demo and early access versions. The full game is set to be leaving early access after a couple more updates by the end of September/start of October 2022.

1.5.0 changelog

– Shadow sprites added for all units and enemies

– In game currency bonus pickups that can be collected on maps by moving a unit on to them, there are two types:

– blue type (+150 RP bonus)
– purple type (+300 RP bonus)

The RP picked up go straight into the ‘free cash’ reserve and can be used to buy units for the next battle.

Minor fixes:

– pause added to defeat condition triggered by base destruction to allow animation to play out before menu pops up.

– Warrior Robot range bug fixed

event gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth news Steam update

Three new enemies, environment art and bugfixes for Invasion: Neo Earth 1.4.0


Greetings Neo Earthers! I’m happy to announce that this Summer’s first update is a fruitful one, in 1.4.0 you will find three new enemy types, new environment art and a truckload of bugfixes.

Invasion: Neo Earth is a retro turn-based strategy game currently in early access on Steam, and if you are reading this prior to July 7th, both the game and the OST are currently 25% off in the Steam Summer Sale 2022!

New enemy types:

Grayling Sniper – Not content to pester us with their bullet-shielded infantry and floating gun platforms, the Graylings have deployed sniper weaponry to target us from afar.

Red Heavy – The twisted mutant hybrid monstrosities know as ‘Reds’ have evolved a new form armed with heavy weaponry, grafting metal and flesh together to create a living weapon that is a thorn in the side of our ground units.

Flak Spider – Slow moving but heavily armed anti-aircraft gun platforms that should make any commander think twice about relying too much on air power alone to win the day.

red heavy sc

Environment art:

  • New style trees and tile seam fixes applied to mountain levels
  • Comms Base human structure added
  • Supply Base human structure added
1 4 sc


  • Fixed scaling error with ‘Red’ sprite
  • Fixed some enemies doing incorrect damage scores vs. human structures
  • Fixed false defeat condition sometimes triggered by accumulating losses between missions
  • Fixed phase not cycling on second mission played after quitting previous mission
  • Fixed tooltip backgrounds remaining on start of enemy turn

Don’t forget you can follow development progress on twitter- iao_dev

gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth news Steam update

Update 1.3.0 for Invasion: Neo Earth is live on Steam

I’m happy to reveal the latest regular update for retro-styled sci-fi strategy game Invasion: Neo Earth. Version 1.3.0 is all about quality of life improvements, plus some gameplay and sound tweaks.

Changes with 1.3.0-

  • When Officer unit selected, hovering the cursor over an enemy with tooltips enabled displays that enemy’s weakness to damage types.
  • Added ‘not all units moved’ prompt when changing from movement to shooting phase
  • Added ability to disable above prompts in options menu (at both start menu and in-game)
  • Changed the style of moved and fought markers to be less visually intrusive
  • Added text to damage type icons in UI to help players become familiar with the damage types
  • In the select units menu, the formation position shift markers are now clickable in addition to using the cycle forward button
  • Scrolling camera now pauses when pause menu opened
  • Added audio cues for changing phase/turn
  • Added new alien death sounds
  • Adjusted the default volume balance of music and SFX in favor of BGM being slightly less dominant than SFX

Don’t forget you can follow @iao_dev on Twitter for regular development updates, of which plenty more are planned.

event gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth news Steam update

Update 1.2.0 for Invasion: Neo Earth is now live!

I’m proud to announce a major update for Invasion: Neo Earth is now live on Steam. This is the first of a string of updates planned for the game’s early access period and lays the foundation for greater changes and more content in future!

Here’s what you’ll find different in version 1.2.0 –

A New World Setting

Far, far away from the familiarity of our own green-blue world, Invasion: Neo Earth now takes place on the terraformed planet designated NG-246, a second home for humanity set among the stars of a troubled universe.

This new setting provides huge new creative possibilities for future incarnations of the game and anchors it in a greater dark sci-fi universe-building project.

geoscape 2

A New UI

I wanted to create a UI that better visually represents the darker, grimier new sci-fi setting, one where people are forced to have faith in archaic, oil-clogged machinery and battered computer consoles made of scavenged technology.

Along with the new look, you may notice the space for new units to be added later in the unit selection menu.

new UI sc

Bugfixes / Minor changes

  • Fix for the Pause Menu / Shooting Phase bug
  • Cooldown timer added to click button for changing turn/phase, allows player to cancel changing turn if clicked by accident.

Don’t forget you can follow development progress on Twitter via iao_dev .

gamedev updates Invasion: Neo Earth Steam update

Update 1.1.0 for Invasion: Neo Earth

Greetings alien hunting strategy fans! I’m happy to announce that Invasion: Neo Earth has just got its first update since releasing in early access on Steam last month.

EA update promo

This update is all about improving accessibility, adding a system of user-defined key controls and the option to disable cursor scrolling for players who prefer to move the camera with keys only. Also included are a bunch of minor fixes including improvements to scrolling performance.

For those unsure if the game is for them, trying the demo is a good way to find out.

nove sc2

As the game is in early access with development ongoing, your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, the best way to contribute is on twitter by following iao_dev.

Did we mention there is a Metal and Synthwave soundtrack?

event Invasion: Neo Earth news release Steam

Out now on Steam early access – Invasion: Neo Earth!

Good news for fans of retro turn-based strategic action –
Invasion: Neo Earth is releasing in Early Access on Steam today!

All about battling an alien invasion to a soundtrack of Synthwave and Metal, this game takes it’s lead from classics such as Advance Wars and X-com.
Choose your units, customize their weaponry and wage war on insidious aliens, with multiple missions choices at most stages of the campaign.

Why Early Access?
This being the first full-length project of a new development venture, I believe it’s doubly important to hear everyone’s feedback in this final stage of crafting the game into the best it can be, whilst being honest about what is on offer to players.

Finding out what works and what doesn’t is essential to this, so I invite everyone to invest in the early access or even just try the demo and leave your suggestions in steam discussions or via twitter at @iao_dev

Happy alien hunting!

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Invasion: Neo Earth 0.5.5 update – new key controls

I’m happy to announce that with V0.5.5 we have new keyboard shortcuts, plus bugfixes and minor improvements. I hope these will improve the smoothness of gameplay for most people.

Keyboard controls:

WASD / arrow keys: move battle camera

Hold ‘End’ or Spacebar: Change turn/phase

‘ + / – ‘ : zoom camera in and out


*Bugfix for scrolling on higher res screens
*Improvements to sfx plus new sfx for machine guns
*Improvements to default balance of audio
*Updated explosion animations and boss animations

Changes are now live and can be experienced in the current Steam demo

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Top Steam games to try this month – Invasion: Neo Earth makes the list

Good news for those hunting for fresh Steam games to try out this January – has compiled a list of some of the best you could hope to discover. I’m chuffed to say that Invasion: Neo Earth is flying the flag for strategy here, though you’ll find puzzle, action, VR and more in these top picks. They all have downloads too ..